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Welcome to "Oh-there it is!", your antiquarian search engine for used books, antiquarian books, old books, music CDs and videos. We are looking for you in more than 170 million offers worldwide and show you the best ones. Below you can get some tips for an effective search.

Books, Music, Film - search techniques in search engines

As few criteria as possible

If you want to receive as many suitable offers relevant to your search, put in as few terms as possible. If you look for e.g. the author "Johann Wolfgang von Goethe", you will miss all offers where the seller only "Goethe" has stated.

Avoid "Allerweltsbegriffe"

If you are looking for a book, an MC or a movie, avoid terms like "manual", "arias" or "edition" as far as possible, otherwise you will be overwhelmed by the number of offers.

Avoid Pitfalls

Avoid in your search for antiquarian books (of course after audio books, children's books, reference books, etc.) according to CDs, MCs or vinyl records, according to DVDs or videos all terms that a seller could write different, in particular

If you can not avoid these words, please start multiple searches to find all the deals.

Fine filtering

We offer fine filters to remove unwanted results. You can hide or see only results that contain special words.

We wish you every success in your search!