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The price always includes the shipping costs. If an advertiser does not show shipping costs, we estimate: domestic. provider 3 Euros, foreign provider 10 Euros.


The sorting can be done only if we get the release date in the corresponding field. Release dates as in the description can not be detected automatically. These results are sorted as if the release date would be very old.

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You can enter one or more words here. It is possible to enter only part of the word. If you enter e.g. "ship", also results with "shipping" are remaining.

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You can enter one or more words here. Only search results will be hidden, where all the words entered occur. If you enter e.g. "ship", search results with "shipping" will not be hidden.



There are hidden only real auctions, offers with fixed prices remain visible.

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Offers that are marked up in the small box on the left side can be hidden.

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